Analog Radio privacy policy

Last updated: 17/01/2018

Alessandro Ornano operates, creator of various apps and games, like Pakal or iFred the game.

This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information we receive from users of this app (Analog Radio).

Analog Radio iOS app is a player of public audio streaming sources for iOS devices.

All audio, advertising and/or their contents are replied exactly as the author present them.

Any content on these third party audio sources are the responsibility of their respective owners and not Analog Radio. Analog Radio does not host any audio content on its servers or network.

Analog Radio takes matters of Intellectual Property very seriously and is committed to meeting the needs of content owners while helping them manage publication of their content online.

Analog Radio is a pro-DMCA app and as such Content Owners can request removal of links to audio that they believe infringe their copyright.

I accept requests for individual links to be removed through my homepage using the contact email form or by sending an email to

This app is totally free and without ads and it’s no profit and does not alter their integrity.